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I am Stewart Wright.

I work in videogame development.


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Education And Games – Extra Credits I made a playlist of the Extra Credits team's videos on education and games.  There are some great thoughts and ideas in here which I think are worth watching for developers and educators

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The Secret to Learning Code

This post from the treehouse blog makes a couple of points that echo my approach to learning code. Break things. The real secret is to be systematic and careful with your edits. You have to take a methodical approach and break one thing at a time, then analyze the results of your changes. When breaking things, you should be looking for the relationship between parts to understand their function in the whole. With a grasp of

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Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts to Maxscripts

If you want to assign a script to a keyboard shortcut you'll need to jump through a couple of small hoops to get it done. First, in Max, go to Customize > Configure System Paths.  Check where Max is looking for you're "Additional Macros" and go there in explorer (you can double click the path in max and it'll whisk you there). If you already have some *.mcr files in there then copy one for

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